Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ex-Wife Can Use Fraudulent Transfer Act to Go After Ex-Husband’s Assets

In a recent decision by the Cuyahoga County Court of Appeals, the Court held that an ex-wife could successfully void a transfer/sale of a business asset by the ex-husband if the ex-wife could prove that the transfer/sale was done to put the assets out of reach of the ex-wife. In the case of Dinu v. Dinu, the Court held that if the wife had obtained a Domestic Relations Court support arrearage amount (in this case approximately $20,000), and the ex-husband had transferred/sold some business assets to prevent the ex-wife from seizing the assets to pay the judgment, she could sue the ex-husband and the purchasers of the assets in the General Division Common Pleas Court to void the transfer (i.e. she did not have to utilize the Domestic Relations Court to try to void the transfer). Thought: This woman may have had the ability to try to undue the transfer by adding defendants to the Domestic Relations Court divorce action (something the law certainly allows while the divorce is pending), but she chose another venue. Looks like this gives ex-spouses options when faced with this type of asset transfer activity.

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